Press Release

The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance Seeks Teacher for Study Guide Project

The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance is looking for a teacher to produce a study guide for incorporating animal rights issues into the curriculum for grades 3-5. Briefly, they envision this as a complete package for teachers which would have objectives, detailed ideas, lesson plans, activity sheets, etc., for bringing animals issues into the core subjects of math, science, reading, social studies, etc. They will pay $10/hour and anticipate being able to pay up to 80-90 hours of work. They are not interested in re-inventing the wheel, so would encourage drawing on the materials already in existence. The main goal of this project would be to have one complete package available for the teacher instead of having him or her pull from many different sources.

This project needs to be completed by October 15, so that it can be made available for distribution to NJ teachers at our exhibit booth at the annual New Jersey Educators Association convention in November.

Since they are located in New Jersey, it would be preferable for the applicant to live in NJ, but anyone can apply as long as you have email and fax capability.