Who We Are

The Center for Compassionate Living (CCL) was founded in June, 1996 and is a project of the International Institute of Humane Education (IIHE). IIHE/CCL is dedicated to creating lasting social change through compassionate choices for the Earth, animals and all people.

IIHE/CCL offers training, consulting, workshops and outdoor experiences for people who want to help the planet and all its inhabitants. Programs, lasting from one hour to one week, are designed to:

  • promote compassionate lifestyle choices
  • deepen connections to the natural world
  • create peaceful relationships between people, animals and the Earth
  • build bridges between individuals and groups working on behalf of human and nonhuman animals

IIHE/CCL offers the only Humane Education Certificate Program in the United States, which trains and certifies people in Humane Education. Please contact IIHE/CCL for further information.