Calendar of Events

Compassionate Living Workshop

On January 26th through the 28th, Compassionate Living workshop at Haverford College, in Haverford, PA (outside Philadelphia). On Friday, January 26, Students, activists, and concerned citizens are invited to participate in an all-day workshop on Saturday, January 27, and a half day activist networking and brainstorming Sunday, January 28.  The workshop is designed to:

  • Provide information about what happens behind the scenes to the environment, other species, and other people to produce food, clothing, entertainment, and products of all kinds
  • Inspire participants to examine and determine for themselves their lifestyle goals, through the lens of compassionate living
  • Empower participants to become effective, compassionate spokespeople for the Earth and all beings through communication training.

Graduate Course in Humane Education

On July 23rd through the 27th, in cooperation with the International Institute for Humane Education (IIHE), the University of Maine will be offering a summer intensive graduate course in humane education. The 5-day, 3 credit course will be held at the Center for Compassionate Living/IIHE, by the ocean in Surry, Maine. This course will include interactive, experiential, and practical activities for anyone interested in learning how to become an effective humane educator. Students are required to read the mandatory books selected and to complete a 7-10 research paper or humane education project using the materials, books, and information obtained during the week.  Students’ grades will be determined by both the paper/project and class participation. Each day of the summer institute will focus on a different topic in humane education, although the topics will be interconnected and woven together during the course of the week.  Each day will include informational sessions, activities (indoor and outdoor), videos, and discussion.  The week is intended to model all the elements of humane education. 

Compassion in Action Workshop

For many years, we have been offering Sowing Seeds humane education workshops as well as Compassionate Living workshops.  People interested in becoming effective humane educators primarily within school systems come to the former, while concerned citizens interested in defining and learning to live by their values generally attend the latter. What we’ve come to realize is that many of you want to learn more about living a compassionate life while also learning how to become an effective communicator and activist on behalf of the planet, other species, and other people. If this describes you, we invite you to join us for our Compassion in Action workshop, on August 10th through the 12th at the Center for Compassionate Living/IIHE in Surry, Maine. The workshop will help you to examine your own lifestyle choices, learn about sustainable and humane living, and reach out to others through effective, non-judgmental, positive, and loving communication and action. This workshop will help you live your life consciously, courageously, and with integrity while also teaching you how best to be a role model and leader.