What We Offer

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Compassionate Living Workshops
The most powerful and effective steps we can take to create a humane world are in our own lives. Compassionate Living Workshops will give you the tools and information you need to fully live your vision of a healthy life for yourself, the planet and other beings.
Humane Education Certificate Program (HECP)
IIHE/CCL’s Humane Education Certificate Program is the only training and certification program in the U.S. which teaches students how to become highly effective humane educators. The program is primarily correspondence, covering 5 modules including animal, environmental, cultural, and human rights issues, and training in communication and presentation.Broadly defined, humane education teaches about our relationships with each other, with animals and with the Earth itself, promoting compassion, respect, and critical thinking. Although mandated in most states in the U.S., most schools do not provide humane education for their students, nor do schools of education prepare future teachers to become humane educators. All this is changing, however. More and more people are interested in becoming humane educators and offering programs in elementary school through college. Our certification program is offered as an off-campus, correspondence program over the course of 1 to 2 years, with 1 to 2 weeks of on-site training per year. IIHE/CCL will eventually offer this program through an accredited university as well.

Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshops
Sowing Seeds is designed for teachers, activists and humane educators who want to learn innovative and interactive ways to present a variety of humane and environmental issues. These workshops are highly recommended for people who would like to apply for certification in humane education.
Empowerment Workshops
Working on behalf of animals and the Earth can often be discouraging. We may find ourselves alone in our efforts, and alienated from friends and family. Empowerment Workshops help you discover inner sources of knowledge, creativity and hope, and leave you reinvigorated and energized.
Transformations in the Wilderness
Transformations in the Wilderness are life-changing, outdoor experiences that connect us with the very things we are trying to save: the Earth and all life around us. These trips help us find, or return to, rich, meaningful lives. We also learn to uncover the powerful and wise voices within us, and form communities of like-minded and compassionate people.