The Psychology behind Addictive and Compulsive Gambling

Habitual and compulsive gambling has the power of destroying a person’s life completely. This person likely suffers financial ruin and personal problems as it could potentially lead to life of crime. A pathological gambler is an individual who simply cannot resist the impulse to gamble and the only way this urge can be relieved is[…]

The Business of Brainwashing

Corporations in the Classroom You are an animal activist, and you’ve just been invited to speak about animal agriculture and diet for an assembly program at a nearby high school. You collect a bunch of materials, including a fake 5-pound slab of fat, a couple of bread crates to serve as the cage on which[…]

Humane Education for a Humane World

Every day, millions of children head to schools to learn. They go to read, to do math, to understand science, to know history, to study languages, and, hopefully, to learn how to think critically and creatively. What else do young people learn in school? Most schools also teach the following, often unintentionally: It is acceptable[…]

Humane Education: Charting a New Course

During the past decade, I have visited hundreds of classrooms and met with tens of thousands of students, offering humane education programs designed to encourage critical thinking and compassionate lifestyle choices. During my initial visit, I often do an activity in which I play an alien named Zenobia who has come from another planet to[…]