Who Can Benefit

IIHE/CCL designs workshops and presentations for adults and young people and tailors programs for animal protection, environmental and social justice groups, humane educators, activists, business leaders, civic groups and students of all ages.

Evaluation of IIHE/CCL Programs

The most accurate measure of IIHE/CCL’s success comes from the evaluations its workshop leaders receive following workshops and conferences, and from the enormous interest in IIHE’s Humane Education Certificate Program.

The following comments were received after workshops conducted during the past three years. While some of these were not sponsored by the Center for Compassionate Living, which was not yet founded, they were led by IIHE/CCL’s co-founders and are currently offered by IIHE/CCL. IIHE/CCL will continue to evaluate our programs, including our Humane Education Certificate Program, through questionnaires and evaluation forms provided to participants.